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Launching into the professional speaking circuit in 2007, it only took two years for Kivi
Bernhard’s sales and leadership keynote to become an award-winning platform
acclaimed by global bureaus. Taking the professional speakers circuit by storm,

Kivi Bernhard has been requested to keynote audiences from the Bahamas to Bangkok.
Described by senior NSA colleagues as the “Speaker’s Speaker”, Kivi is a riveting and
captivating orator and is renowned for his platform excellence.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kivi was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.
After relocating to the USA in 1997 with his wife and family and a total net worth of
$860.22, Kivi went on to build a multimillion-dollar international wholesale diamond
business. With the aid of award-winning footage, Kivi uses the hunting habits and
techniques of the African leopard, perhaps
the most successful feline predator on earth,
to draw metaphors of personal and corporate leadership, trust and success that will
simply leave you spellbound. Now the author of the internationally acclaimed business
Leopardology ™ – The Hunt for Profit in a Tough Global Economy, (MJP of New York 2009) Kivi Bernhard has received accolades from top CEOs and bestselling authors. Kivi is proud to share that Leopardology™, was in fact incorporated into the MBA program of Kennesaw State University, Coles School of Business in 2007.


Kivi Bernhard is one of those amazing people you meet every once in a while, and never forget. With an unusual synthesis, he is an orthodox Jew, passionate family man, adventurer, accomplished business entrepreneur, author and renowned speaker. In1998 Kivi founded Kivi International LLC, an internationally known wholesale loose diamond distributor and was its CEO for some 20 years. Kivi’s business network reads like a current edition of “Who’s Who?” Tapping into this asset has allowed him access to the minds and spirit of some of the most accomplished names in the local and global business arena. A keen student of life with a huge appetite for laughter and love, Kivi is an accomplished and published musician, Judo medalist and gemological consultant and currently is engaged in an international business project as a founder and board member.

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